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Terra Neshonda Carroll, juris doctorate

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Terra Neshonda Carroll, juris doctorate

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Great education

Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts 

Indian River Community College


Associate of Science, Legal Assisting 

Indian River Community College 


Bachelor of Arts, Legal Studies 

University of Central Florida


 Juris Doctorate, Law Degree

 University of Florida



Great Experience

You need a trial consultant who knows how to properly prepare for and win trials. I've won very serious cases and motions, with my most significant win being a murder case that I won as a solo trial attorney, that proceeded to trial within speedy trial. If its Murder, Attempted Murder, Robbery, DUI, Resisting, Battery, Burglary, Drug Charges, Domestic Battery, or Injunction Cases.....I've already won those or had them dropped.

Motion Practice


Serious Felonies


Serious misdemeanors



Dependency related matters


I have extensive experience in criminal cases that arise out of Dependency cases.  My courtroom experience dates back to 2002 where I was trained as a Florida Guardian Ad Litem, and volunteered with the Program as I attained my first two college degrees. I interned with the Program while in Law School. As a private practitioner, I handled Dependency cases and Criminal cases that arose out of allegations that first arose in Dependency Court. I've participated in numerous depositions and trials that included child witnesses. I'm well reversed regarding the case law, statutes, and rules that specifically pertain to child witnesses.

Juvenile related matters


My Juvenile Delinquency experience dates back to 2003, where as an intern at the Public Defender's Office, I assisted with case and trial preparation and did legal research. I did more than organize files, I was also given the opportunity to brainstorm and give input regarding possible defenses and resolutions. As an attorney I won my first juvenile trial. I've done numerous nonjury trials in delinquency court and numerous cases where juvenile defendants were direct filed and sent to adult felony circuit court. I've litigated numerous cases that involved juvenile defendants, even proceeding to jury trial on very serious charges.

appeal related matters


It's great to have a consultant who has extensive criminal appellate experience. Few criminal attorneys can honestly say that they had a case reversed on appeal that they knew would be reversed because proper procedure was followed in order for the case to be properly litigated on appeal. My very first criminal felony trial case was reversed on appeal by the Fourth District Court of Appeal. I guaranteed my client's mother she did not need to hire me for purposes of appeal because I was certain that I had set my record so well, and had also provided the correct case law that she could trust that the Public Defender would successfully litigate the matter on appeal.


Attorneys Only

Only attorneys are permitted to contact us an inquire about our services, non-attorneys should have their attorney or the attorney representing their loved one contact our office.


All fees must be paid in full and in advance of us reviewing cases or files. Fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable. We do not accept checks.


Depositions should be conducted so early in case, that they should and need to already be compete by the time you contact us. We will not get involved until depositions are complete.

No Consultations

We do not do consultations, if an attorney or their client needs to confirm the wins mentioned on this page, they should contact us and we will provide names and case numbers.


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